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About Us

“Many years ago I purchased my first hutch, for a multiple dog household of canines that loved to burrow and ‘den’-in between my couch pillows, under the covers of the most tightly made up bed, and even in a laundry basket full of warm clothes fresh from the dryer!  I loved them, but not the mess they made!  I also took the time to study the canine species in depth, and to understand what behaviors I could train out of them, and what was hardwired, instinctual need…

The first hutch I purchased was instantly gratifying  for the entire family.  I placed it on top of our newly made bed one winter morning.  An hour later all three dogs were sound asleep inside, wrapped up like littermates.  The best part was the bed underneath was still made!   The subsequent hutches I purchased for the living room and sunroom were all met with the same enthusiasm by the dogs….and no more couch pillows on the floor, or clean laundry scattered about!

In 2009 I tried to purchase more, as my current hutches were 9 years old.  I discovered they were no longer available.  It was an item I felt had become an indispensible part of living with ‘denning’ dogs.  After months of research, and dozens of fabric swatches sent from all over the
United States, I finally found what would work in terms of comfort, durability, and washability.  The Peek A Boo Hutch has passed every test I’ve put it through, and I proudly stand by it!   

****Made with
USA manufactured materials, with Quality USA workmanship*****

              …with your canine or feline in mind….