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1. What is the hutch made of? 

The Peek a boo hutches are made out of  nylon oxford outer shell, poly batting and the thickest faux sheepskin fleece available on the market, along with durable plastic tubing to create the ‘entrance’ -sewn in a triple stitched sleeve.

How is it made?
Machine made by hand, each pattern cut individually to order.  It is also individually machine quilted  for strength and durability during use and washing. It has been tested through many machine washings and many dogs, and even came through our teething test with flying colors, although we wouldn’t recommend any item be left with a teething puppy unsupervised for long periods.  All animals are unique, and encompass a wide range of potential, and it is best to be familiar with your pet. To honor this, no two beds have exactly the same quilting ‘pattern’ –each is different and unique and beautiful

 How do I know if my pet will like it?

Many of you will have been original hutch enthusiasts, and know that they are used daily by your pets!  For those of you that are new to the concept, the best way to know if your pet will like it is to know your pet!  Observe where your pet is most comfortable resting and sleeping. Does your pet prefer a hard or soft surface most of the time?  If soft, the hutch will work. On warm days, your pet can use it like a double thick pad, and lie on top of it, during cooler times, they will probably prefer to crawl inside and ‘nest’.  Either way, if there are any questions before you buy, e-mail us with your particular situation, and we’ll be glad to help you make the best decision.

 How often should it be washed?

As often as necessary to maintain a clean odor free bedding for your pet!   There is no limit as to how often,-it will hold up beautifully during constant use and care!  We  find that when used by pets with a stronger body odor (also an individual situation factored by coat type, diet, age, etc) weekly washing is probably enough.  Most households can go every two weeks depending on the number of pets that use the hutch.  The materials it is made from tend to be somewhat odor resistant under normal circumstances, unlike the ‘foam’ many beds are currently filled with!  With our hutch, the whole bed is washed, not just an outer cover! We prefer you use a front loading machine, as our hutches are made from several yards of thick fabrics-difficult to properly balance in a top loading machine, and machine dry.  You can use bleach if the inner layers are stained with blood, grass etc, but most times, just your detergent will work.

Would my cat like this?

Funny you should ask-many of them do! Once again, observing your cat’s sleeping habits are key to determining this.

 Can multiple dogs fit in any of the beds?

Yes absolutely!  Dogs that sleep ‘together’ is common among many. Although, once again, knowing your ‘pack’ is key-if you have a strong alpha that is very territorial,  you might need more than one hutch!

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