This patented martingale-style harness is recommended by trainers, veterinarians, and animal adoption groups everywhere. The patented action loop on the harness rests between the shoulders of the dog and makes this the most effective anti-pull harness on the market. 

All harnesses feature heavy weight webbing used to tow small vehicles, covered with a durable velvet for comfort and good looks! 

Stainless steel heavyweight hardware and industrial x stitching throughout make this harness design unsurpassed for wearability, comfort, control and ease of walking your dog!

Easy to measure using a tape measure, start at the top of the dog’s shoulder blade, wind under front ‘armpits’ and around to the top of the other shoulder blade.  That is your dog’s ‘chest measurement.’

See the buy page for color and size selection.

Color selection: silver, black, brown, burgundy, red, hot pink, rose pink, neon orange, Kelly green, neon green, royal blue, turquoise, purple, tan, rust, and teal.

The manufacturer offers a chewing warranty, if your dog chews the harness, they will provide replacement of up to 2 straps for free, you just pay for the shipping!